Solving customers’ problems, while providing superior performance and reliable service, has always been a priority at Freedom Enterprise. It is this commitment combined with a sincere team approach with the customer which sets us apart.

What are the attitudes and standards centered around the customer which define the Freedom Enterprise Corporate personality and, in many respects, sets our company apart from all the others?

We have three overriding standards of performance, whether we are performing general construction, construction management, fit-out work or developing a new sports facility:


We are customer driven. Our technical staff works closely with the owner/designer/construction teams early in a project to clearly understand the key issues, priorities, and goals of our client. Risk and Opportunity identification early in the projects saves our clients’ various scarce resources including time, money, and effort. Value engineering with various design teams during the early phases of a project have regularly saved our customers 10-30% of the project costs.


We continue to dedicate ourselves to building the best possible design development, project management, and construction teams. This, combined with maintaining strong employee loyalty, helps us produce superior services and performance before, during and after construction.


We are execution focused. We continue to support our reputation of absolute reliability while maintaining flexibility for the customer. We stand behind our construction product, consistently meeting schedules and budgets, and often accommodate changing schedules for special customer requests. This execution focus reinforces customer loyalty and maintains our reputation in the industry.

Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Enterprise, Inc. is to provide superior quality general construction services that are contracted, scheduled, engineered, and managed to create maximum value for our customers, owners, employees, and the community.

- Alfred Seiberlich | President & Founder, Freedom Enterprise, Inc.

By rigidly adhering to these standards: 

  • Customer Driven
  • Superior Employees and Business Partners
  • Execution Focused

We continue to set ourselves apart in the industries served.